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Campus for Christ is an association of Christian campus ministries

Engaging Christ with the campus

The mission of Campus for Christ is to train, equip, and inspire collegiate ministry leaders to change the world through the hope of Jesus and to facilitate connections to ministries around the nation

Connecting leaders with each other

Campus for Christ creates opportunities for leadership development, encouragement, and spiritual growth in leaders by purposeful connection to each other


In 1957, a group of Christians gathered on the campus of Texas Tech University to discuss how to best share the gospel with 18 to 25 year olds on college campuses across the nation. That became an annual meeting which has continued for over 60 years and takes place late summer each year.

The annual meeting, currently known as the Campus for Christ Conference, is for anyone who has a passion to reach the college campus. The conference has become a place for those of us involved in the work to come together and inspire one another by sharing victories experienced throughout the year, encourage one another where there are wounds or scars, and discuss strategies on how we might best spread the hope and good news of Jesus with the students who cross our paths daily. Keynote speakers, mentoring, networking and practical classes on campus ministry make the conference a life-giving tradition for those who come.

College campuses are one of the world’s greatest mission fields as they contain thousands of impressionable minds from all over the world. College students are the future leaders of the church and of the world. The college years are pivotal in a person’s life, and consequently, we believe that campus ministry is an essential work. We invite you to partner with us however God leads you as we seek to serve Him.

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Deonte Watkins (Virginia Tech), Kevin Rivera (University of Maryland), Casey Coston (University of Delaware), Harrison Gibbs (East Carolina University) and Rusty Jordan (East Central University) originally networked at the Campus for Christ conference and now gather for joint retreats.

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