Plant a Campus Ministry

Campus Minisries: The Need

This year, more than 20 million students are enrolled in American colleges and universities, an increase of about 4.9 million just since the fall of 2000! More than 17 million of these students are undergraduates, and more than 12 million are full-time. This is an incredible mission opportunity. It is an opportunity to help students come to know Christ or to grow stronger in Christ during the most transformative season of their lives—when they are making life-altering decisions about friendship, marriage, career path, and worldview. It is also a time in life when they have unprecedented openness to the Gospel. But, sadly, only a small fraction of these students are given an opportunity to know Jesus and true Christian community.

There Are More than
Students Enrolled in American Colleges and Universities

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Two and Four Year colleges and universities

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Active campus ministries

Are You Called to Expand the Mission of Campus Ministry?

Here’s How We Can Help:
  • Creation/Assessment of Leaders and Teams

    We use the Kairos Church Planting Discovery Lab for initial assessment of lead planters and possibly for other team members, as appropriate. But the primary burden of team assessment—whether or not a team or individual team member should plant—lies with the ministry from which the team is sent and particularly with the local campus

  • On-The-Job Training

    The true heart of our training pathway is the on-the-job training the team will receive within the context of its own campus ministry under the direction of the local campus minister who will work in partnership with CFC. In most cases, we also encourage cross-training with other strong campus ministries as much as possible.

  • Negotiation/Placement

    Each team has the freedom to select the campus where it wants to work, based on an assessment of a campus’ spiritual needs and campus’ culture, how those needs and culture align with the team’s strengths, the existence of a potential partner church, and simply where a team wants to live. CFC already has certain locations and partner churches ready to receive a team, but in some cases a team may wish to select a completely new location.

  • Intensive Training

    Each planting team will participate in a multi-day intensivetraining campus ministry seminar sometime in late spring or early summer before a team launches in the fall. These intensive training experiences will be designed and led by the CFC board and will hopefully give each team all the resources it will need to know how to proceed from the first day it arrives on the new campus. Times and locations for these events will be based on the needs of the teams at that time.

  • Fundraising

    We want each team member who needs to fund raise for financial support or for a team working budget to attend a Support Raising Solutions fund raising “boot camp”. These weekend events will teach you everything you need to know to raise your financial support.

  • Coaching/Mentoring

    Each team will have an ongoing coaching/mentoringrelationship with their own campus minister and/or with another veteran campus minister that will last as long as it needs to last. We want each planting team to know it isn’t alone!

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