2015 Conference

  1. Keynote: "Everyone is Invited - Why we must all come together for the Kingdom on our campuses" Justin Christopher 36:29
  2. Keynote: "There is Enough to Share - Putting Christ on the campus menu" Dean Trune 45:02
  3. Keynote: "There is Enough to Share - Blessing the needy on our campuses and beyond" Milton Jones 38:35
  4. Keynote: "Life Around the Table - Fostering table community" Susie Davis 37:30
  5. Keynote: "The Nuts and Bolts of Campus Ministry Planting" Chris Buxton 37:18
  6. Campus Ministry Planting Session 1 Chris Buxton and Milton Jones 40:02
  7. Campus Ministry Planting Session 2 Chris Buxton and Milton Jones 30:13
  8. Panel: "What the Past Can Teach Us About the Future of Campus Ministry Planting" Jim Bevis and Rex Vermillion 46:16
  9. Class: "Recognizing God's Divine Appointments in Your Ministry" Dean Trune 42:47
  10. Class: "Mentoring Church Leaders for the Sake of Campus Ministry" Eddie Sharp 46:25
  11. Class: "Showing Students Christ through Healthy Relationships" Hannah Parmelee 43:33
  12. Class: "Open Door Evangelism" John Wood 48:59
  13. Class: "Teaching for Life Change" Neil Reynolds 43:23
  14. Class: "Navigating Same-Sex Attraction on Campus" Sally Gary 55:56
  15. Class: "Invite to the Banquet Anyone You Can Find" Preston Shepherd 46:16
  16. Class: "Content Strategy: Reaching our Campuses through Media and the Web" Stephen & Ashlye Vanderworp 38:21